“Diana has an incredibly patient and positive spirit, as well as a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and physical training.

I started working out with Diana  just before the New Year- mainly so that I could stay physically motivated with a workout buddy during the winter and to stay in shape for an upcoming stage performance.

Diana has been my workout buddy for the last few months and I’ve seen so many great results in my body and overall health. Seeing her push her limits during the workout and encourage me to do so is  motivating without being pushy or overly aggressive.

Diana is a friend but I think that others will equally benefit from having her as their wellness coach because of her kind and driven manner. She’s also hella funny, so there’s no doubt that the workout will be a good time. I look forward to working out now instead of thinking of it as a grueling, unenjoyable experience.

All in all, Diana is a great wellness coach and I’m certain that anyone can benefit from working with her.”

Actor/Model, Adobuere Ebiama

Adobuere Ebiama